Oils and lubricants

Since 2017 AGROAD produces its own brand of synthetic oils and lubricants in order  to provide high quality operating fluids for its customers. Originally created to support our range of spare parts and to satisfy the market demand our oils and lubricants are compliant to the strict EU manufacturing standards.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Netherlands most of our oils and lubricants are exported to Iraq and Middle East, where since its birth in 1995 AGROAD has secured a stable place between the suppliers of tractor and heavy machinery spare parts.

In these regions our range of engine, hydraulic and other types of oils, which  are listed in the table below, is extremely popular.

5 W 20 Specialsynth GM1G2 (dexos 1)

0 W 20 Specialsynth (dexos 1)

15 W 40 Multigrade

20 W 50 SL-CF Multigrade

5 W 30 Tor specialsynth NF

5 W 20 Specialsynth

10 W 40 Tor Mutlisynth

5 W 30 Hypersynth

10 W 30 Hypersynth

10 W 30 Mixfleet

Gear oil 80 W 90 (Tor MP)

Gear oil 80 W 85W

Gear oil 80 W 90 (Tor super)


ATF Multi

Multi CVT


















We build our brand entirely on quality, therefore it does not came as a surprise we take a great pride in the quality of our car oils, which competes with some well known brands in the EU.

Why should you use our high quality engine oil?

  • Engine oil prevents friction.
  • It also channels heat away from combustion cycle.
  • Engine oil acts as a magnet for combustion byproducts.
  • And it mimizes oxidation.

It is a well known fact that enhancing mineral oil by adding chemicals into it can positively affect its overall performance. This is why car enthusiasts and maintenance specialists always recommend to choose the right type of oil additive for the right car engine. To ensure you choose the right type of oil for the engine of your car please check our datasheet here or contact our product advisor at or at the international phone number 00420603220055


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