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The AGROAD company was founded in Brno in 1995. It came into existence by the transformation of business activities of its present director and owner, MSc. Adday, who had been carrying on his business activities in the field of spare parts for tractors since 1990. As the company was established, it created ist own philosophy consisting in supplying the markets of the Middle- and Far East with spare parts for ZETOR tractors in the form of wholesale trade. The company has been gradually expanding and enlarging its range of products, so it became necessary to establish new premises. In 2000 the company moved to a nearby town Kuřim, where it built larger and more representative complex of buildings in an area of over than 4 000 sq.m.

To get closer to our clients, a branch office was set up in the United Arab Emirates, enabling to analyse the markets of the Middle- and Far East in detail. By studying the difficulties of the international business environment and creating business relations for a long time, Agroad gained a useful experience and knowledge that helped us to establish and popularize our products in these markets.

The core competence of the company consists in export of original spare parts for ZETOR tractors, TATRA, LIAZ, AVIA and IFA trucks and ŠKODA and LADA cars. Our territory is constituted by the Middle- and Far East countries and the North Africa countries. On the basis of a long-lasting contractual cooperation with over than ten Czech and Slovak producers with a long-term tradition, the company AGROAD can offer high-quality products for very favourable prices.

Our offer ranges from original parts to fully compatible parts from a number of inland and foreign manufacturers. These parts can be applied to the full range of tractors, trucks and cars.

The basic offer of the AGROAD company consists of piston assemblies for general engine overhauls, sliding bearing sets, injection system parts, cooling systems, valves, water pumps, oil pumps, gaskets, shaft seals, electronic parts, wearable gearbox and clutch parts and chassis and steering parts.

In order to expand the assortment of our products, AGROAD also offers cooperation to some foreign manufacturers in the form of import and following sale in the Czech Republic as well as their representation in the Czech Republic.


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